About Us

The Bowcocks before they were The Bowcocks. June 2004

We are Gregg and Kathleen. Married February 19th 2005.

We love being married and sharing a home of ministry.

After we got married we lived in Valencia,  and loved it there! But after one year of living away from family and Kathleen’s work, we moved to Camarillo, where we will stay…forever!

Our home here in Camarillo was bought with the desire for it to be a home of ministry. And it is! We have had multiple people and families live with us over the years. At this time we have three young men who share our home with us, and they have truly become family. We love having them here, they are a intimate gift from God to us. We love them.

We are also blessed to be a part of Emmaus, a youth/career ministry at our Church. This has been a great place to get involved with young men and women who are seeking God.

We also desire to be parents. Kathleen has dreamed of being  a mother since she was a young child. But as we were to find out on a night in December, 2008, it was not going to happen the way we thought. Thankfully Gregg and I had already learned that God loves us and this was his perfect plan. We were able to rest in this. Truly Rest. We will see how God grows our family. We have seen our family grow through the young men that have lived and live with us, and we will see how he grows it more in the future.

We look forward to sharing more and more about what God has done, and will continue to do in our lives, with you. 

-Gregg and Kathleen Bowcock


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